Starting the New Year Short

While attempting to detangle my hair after getting out of the shower one morning over Christmas break, I thought, “My hair’s grown really long. Really, really long. I think it’s time for another donation.”

I began browsing magazines and websites, looking for photos of people with short hair. I found a few pictures that I described as “darling pixie cuts” and printed out the images. On my salon’s website, I booked the first available appointment, Tuesday, January 6. And then I waited.

I told a few people what I was planning to do, and was met with responses ranging from, “Have you ever had short hair before?” to “But your hair is so pretty” to “That’ll look adorable!”

I arrived to the salon a few minutes early. When I told Jaimie what I wanted to do, she squealed. I think hairdressers like doing dramatic things.

She carefully sectioned off one, then two, thick pigtails. She cut through the first one and gauged my reaction. “Oh my god!” Now it was my turn to squeal, delighted. I shook my head, amazed at how light it felt with just one pigtail gone. She positioned the scissors next to the second pigtail. “Wait! Let’s get a picture of this!” And then the second pigtail was in her hands.

I loved the slashes of the unexpected asymmetrical bob. “This is great! Can we leave it like this?” She laughed and said no. After a wash and an hour more of cuts and snips and blow drying and more snips and some shaving, I looked into the mirror and barely recognized myself. The smile was the same, as well as the laugh, but no more long locks. I thought I’d mourn the loss of long hair, but instead I felt light. And sassy. I carefully packaged up the 14” of ponytails to send to Children With Hair Loss, an organization that provides hair replacements at no cost to children who lose their hair because of cancer, Alopecia, burns, Trichotillomania and other rare diseases and disorders. And felt great about the first donation of the year.


20 thoughts on “Starting the New Year Short

  1. I love it that your stylist squealed when you told her your wishes! Sounds like a fun day at the salon! Big props for your donation. Your hair will look beautiful on a little one. No doubt that they’ll love it! 🙂

  2. Yeah! I cut most of my hair off last month, too. Thought I would have a panic attack when I actually got to the chair, but I could. not. wait. Feels so great to have my neck back!

  3. So cute! Your hair grows so fast! I’ve never been able to donate, for some reason my hair starts to get not-great right around the length needed and I end up cutting it. 🙂

  4. This is so cool! I’m so glad you had such a great experience at Studio Hix. It makes me feel wonderful. We love Jaimie and we’re so lucky to have her. You look so beautiful!

    • Thanks, Sara! I loved the Studio – it’s so bright and airy. The colors really pop. I’m so excited that Jaimie is back on this side of town; I’ll be a regular there now! 🙂

    • Anna Rose, I read your post about dreading hair cuts and could relate. If I’m only getting an inch or two trimmed, it makes me very worried, I always think, “Oh! They’re cutting too much off!” But asking Jaimie to cut 14 inches off felt great, and inexplicably, I wasn’t nervous.

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  6. Lori, Your hair looks fantastic. I first started reading your blog in Dec. of 2001, and have followed you, sporadicly, through the years. I’m really happy that you continue to write, when so many bloggers have disappeared.

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