Lucky, Insignificant, and Grateful

Today’s Bloganuary prompt:

How do you feel when you look at the stars?

I feel lucky. Bright, sparkling stars in a dark sky are magical. I feel lucky to be in the presence of something so beautiful. And if I see a shooting star? I’m taken back to when I was seven, and our family was vacationing at Ocean Isle, and there was a massive meteor shower. We laid on top of the pergolas that led to the beach. Laying on our backs, shouting, “Look!” “There’s one!” “Ooooooooh!” For what seemed like hours we laid there, enjoying the night sky.

When I see a sky full of stars, I feel lucky to be a part of a world where my presence is insignificant. That there is a big, wide, amazing world (worlds?) out there. That what I’m seeing is light years away. That I’m seeing the stars as they were previously, not as they are now. That perception is constantly changing.

And I’m grateful. For another day. Another night.

6 thoughts on “Lucky, Insignificant, and Grateful

  1. Ah! Yes! To realize we exist impossibly on a mote in an Infinite and Expanding universe. There really is no simple explanation for that, is there?

  2. Have resisted commenting till your Bloganuary was completed. Well done.
    I found your stories with your lovely mother deeply sensitive and a true insight of living with dementia. You should be very proud of yourself – have you got the dog yet?

    • Thank you! The dog arrived this weekend. Even though the cat and the dog are from the same company, the cat’s meow is SUPER loud, and the dog’s bark is really quiet. Mom loves them both, though. ❤

      • I helped nurse my best friend through her final year or so with Alzheimer and Motor Neurone Disease. The memories are still very fresh, so I always get some healing from your writings.
        Pleased that you got the dog, have you named them?

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