To Read, or… To Read!

Today’s (yesterday’s?) Bloganuary prompt:

What book is next on your reading list?

So many…

My read books are arranged by color; it’s so calming to look at shelves with books in order by shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white, as well as by size, largest on the left to smallest on the right. And then there’s half a shelf with unread books stacked horizontally. So that when I’m done with a book, the “next in queue” are easy to spot, and I can choose based on what mood I’m in.

I’m about halfway through “Finding Dorothy” and am re-reading “Difficult Conversations.” I just finished “Seven Days in June” so I’m up for a new one to add to my rotation, as I like to read several books at once. I’m guessing it’ll probably be “Dying For a Paycheck” or “The Nightingale.” Or maybe both!

Books to Read!

5 thoughts on “To Read, or… To Read!

    • Hahaha! My bookshelves I take very seriously and they are organized. Opposite of my desk. 🙂 The featured image is one shelf, I’ll see if I can get the whole lot of them in one picture.

  1. I agree – I want to see a photo of the bookshelves. I recently moved to a Kindle (I do miss a book in my hand at times). I am an avid reader and probably average at least 15 to 20 books a month. So a Kindle is good for me in that I can load 10 books and it being compact and portable take it most everywhere I go. Happy Reading 🙂

  2. I found Difficult Conversations to be so helpful in life. And The Nightingale is one of my all-time favorites. Wow, that was a good one!

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