Inspiration All Around

Today’s prompt:

Who is someone that inspires you and why?

My goodness. There are so many. The memory of my father. I think about how he endlessly worked to build bridges and create understanding. And how he was so kind and compassionate to everyone he met.

And my mother. Who inspires me to practice patience and understanding. I often don’t understand the world she’s living in, but I try to meet her where she is. She also inspires me to not take things so seriously. She “helps” me clean the house by throwing trash in front of me when I’m vacuuming, so that it’s easier for me to see. I am so entertained by this.

And my teammates. Who encourage me to consider different perspectives, inspire compassion, and provide so many laughs throughout the day.

And friends, who have followed their passions, and inspire me to do the same.

One thought on “Inspiration All Around

  1. I find inspiration from those around me – my spouse, family and friends, co-workers, the tribe I work out with on a weekly basis, etc. I really hope it goes both ways too in inspiring one another. Your mother sounds like a HOOT! My mother can keep me on my toes too – ha! Happy Day – Enjoy đŸ™‚

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