Winter Beauties

Yesterday we were walking without jackets, enjoying 70° F weather. I took down all of our outside Christmas lights and drug the Christmas trees to the curb for recycling. I worked in the garden, planting tulip bulbs (I can’t remember where I’ve planted things, so spring will be the ultimate surprise!), and clipping back dead plants. I marveled at our camellia bush, full of beautiful pink blossoms. I know it’s hardy, and I wondered if it would survive the cold front supposedly coming through.

I had my doubts. Could the temperature really drop 50° overnight and bring snow?

It could.

I awoke this morning to howling wind, freezing temps, and a dusting of snow. It was just enough to make everything appear magical.

Camellias enjoying 70° weather
Camellias enjoying the first snowfall

2 thoughts on “Winter Beauties

  1. Beautiful! You missed all the record snow here in California, Lori!
    Wishing you a happy, healthy, harmonious 2022!

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