Random Positivity

A colleague shared this with me today: 

In the spirit of random positivity, here are some things I like that you might want to try. No affiliate links or anything, just some random things I found worth my money or time.

It got me thinking about random positivity and things I love. And maybe you would, too!

  • US Postal Stamps – One of my favorite things to do is write postcards and letters. In addition to picking out lovely cards, I like choosing the perfect stamp.
  • Tulips – Carolina Flowers delivers bundles of joy. Each bunch of flowers is freshly cut and makes me smile each time I see them.
  • Method hand and dishwashing soap refills – I’m trying to cut down on disposable containers, buying things in bulk or large quantities whenever possible. And I love the scent of clementine and pink grapefruit!
  • A Good Dental Floss – See above about cutting down on disposable containers. This floss is amazing and comes in a refillable glass container. No plastic to throw out!
  • Penzey’s spices – options to buy in large bags and refill glass containers. And they’re so tasty!
  • Planet Money podcast – I listen to this while cooking dinner each evening. Some favorite recent episodes: Workin’ 9 to 5, Nigeria, You Win! (Update), and The Mixtape Drama.
  • VEO citrus all purpose cleaner – Gosh, this makes the whole house smell delicious!
  • Dyson vacuum cleaner – My favorite chore is vacuuming. And I’m amazed every time I vacuum with my Dyson – how did this much dirt get into my house?
  • Malie Pikake body lotion – I keep this on my desk and hydrate my hands throughout the day. If I close my eyes, I can imagine I’m in Hawaii. Blisssss…..
  • Bio-Skin masks – So many patterns! And the fabric is soft and comfortable. Can wear all day long!
  • Wool & Company Rowena swing dress – I have this dress in multiple colors and wear a version almost every day. So comfortable. And pockets!
  • Pipe Wrench magazine – This is the dinner party of newsletters. So many opinions, so many entertaining newsletters! Sign up now and be prepared to be entertained.

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