Follow Me Home

Last week, I was invited to watch Follow Me Home, Peter Bratt’s critically acclaimed film, followed by a discussion with Peter and Benjamin Bratt. The film has been re-released and is now available for free streaming online. The movie was originally released in 1996 and at its core is an extraordinary tale intended to empower every American citizen to find their home in this country, to feel like they truly belong in this place and to believe they’ve got an equal shot at prosperity for themselves and their families. But it is meant for today. It is a message that is more urgent today than ever before. As I watched, I had a hard time believing that it was created 24 years ago.

Drawing upon Native, African and Latino culture, Follow Me Home is a rebellious fable of four Los Angeles street artists who hatch a plan to cover the White House with vibrantly painted murals. Joined by a woman with a haunting secret, they set off on an impetuous joyride across a desert landscape steeped in magic, mystery, and danger.

I invite you to watch the film and then join me to attend three curated virtual events over the next three days (October 28-30) that will engage us all in frank conversation around the themes of race, class, and gender that the film explores. The three-day progressive event will bring together leaders and influencers in art and culture, faith and spirituality, activism and politics, and business and tech to reimagine the future of national leadership that includes the perspective and point of view of communities that have traditionally been ignored, marginalized or, worse, vilified. 

It’s ambitious. But so needed in this moment.

The conversation won’t conclude with definitive answers or resolute actions. But, it will be a starting point. The start of awareness. The start of acknowledgement. The start of acceptance. The start of action. And, ultimately, the start of healing.

WATCH the film.

REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND the 3-day events (Oct 28-30)

SHARE with anyone who think would want to be a part of this amazing experience.

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