A Very Bad Day

Her voice choked and I could tell she was crying. “I really thought you were going to come visit me today. I was waiting for you to come.”

My heart dropped. That was what I wanted, too.  And I know how emotions spread, so I tried to remain calm as I explained, “Mom, I’m not allowed to come there anymore.”


“Because of the virus. They’re trying to keep everyone safe. Visitors aren’t allowed; they don’t want anyone bringing in germs.”

“Well, I’ll just leave.”

“You can’t do that, either, Mom. Everyone has to stay at home. I miss you so much, Mom.”

“Well, how long will it be this way?”

And this is where I had to swallow the sobs that were rolling from my gut, through my chest, and stuck in my throat.

My  voice trembled as I said, “I don’t know, Mom. It’s already been several weeks, it might be several more. It just depends on how long the virus lasts. They’re trying to keep everyone safe.”

“This is a very bad day.”


6 thoughts on “A Very Bad Day

  1. So sorry for your situation. Can’t imagine how I would have felt if this quarantine had happened when my mother was in memory care and I would not have been able to see her in person. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Very difficult for you but I appreciate you writing so well about it. God bless your Mum.
    My friend with Alzheimer’s, whom I was partially helping to care for doesn’t understand the problem but all of a sudden her friends have stopped going to see her.
    It’s heartbreaking for all of us.
    Using WhatsApp and seeing her give the thumbs up of recognition is a great blessing.
    Let’s all hope the pandemic will come to an end sooner rather than later.

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