Favorite Things

I walked outside this evening, on my way to yoga. I felt a tingle on my face. Was it rain? It didn’t feel like rain. I looked around. Snow! SNOW! Flurries whirled around me as I watched the the flakes swizzle in the oncoming night. I was mesmerized by the patterns in my headlights as I drove to the studio.

I was thrilled, when an hour+ later, I walked outside and the flakes were still swirling, sheets dancing across the road, not sticking, merely visiting.

As I was fixing dinner, my favorite things came to mind:

  • first snow
  • heavy duty tin foil
  • texts from friends
  • emojis, emojis, emojis (especially multi-colored hearts and dancing animals)
  • surprises
  • heavy notecards and fine ink pens
  • FaceTime with family
  • homemade chicken rice soup
  • a book that you forego sleep to read, often until 3 am
  • sleep
  • the smell when the heat first comes on in the house
  • plants that grow in the cracks of the sidewalk
  • laughing, hysterically, at a joke (if it involves a pun, so much the better)
  • running into neighbors at the grocery store
  • the feeling of a warm scarf around your neck when the wind blows

What are some of your favorite things?

17 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. I love this! I’ll play. Favorite things: discovering a new coffee shop, writing handwritten letters to friends, receiving handwritten letters in return, connecting with strangers, novel length text messages full of intentionality, and finding something (article, book, photo, etc) that I know someone I love will love and sharing it! Thanks for the excuse to reflect.

  2. Yes! I love this Lori!
    > a book that you forego sleep to read, often until 3 am

    Prosecco and PJs, watching a film. Beach walks and Christmas!

  3. I love that “Heavy Duty Tinfoil” made your list of favorite things, especially over Peeps.

    Some of mine:
    * The oh-so-bright-green that brand new spring leaves are when they first sprout.
    * That oak leaves start off as miniatures of their adult selves.
    * The smell of a freshly-cut lawn and the satisfaction of surveying a job well done.
    * A book recommendation from a friend.
    * Discovering a new favorite song.
    * The whooshing sound the screen door makes, heralding my beloved’s return from work.
    * Puns.
    * Catching sight of a bird as it alights nearby.
    * Being amazed.

  4. * Waking up to a fresh, white world when it snows overnight.
    * Listening to wind howl while I’m cozied inside with loved ones.
    * Floating on my back in an empty pool, looking at the clouds.
    * Sitting on a beach and watching waves of any size.
    * Taking a break on a snowboard run to sit on the side of a hill and feel the crisp air on my face and gentle pressure as snow fairies kiss my nose as I listen to the whoosh and scrape of skiers and boarders going by.

  5. Lori,
    Just heard on the news you might be getting quite a dump of snow this weekend… stay warm!
    xo from Maui 🙂

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