I voted today, on a Sunday, in the middle of the afternoon, at my local library. I brought my sample ballot with me, with choices circled. I signed in, we talked about the weather (it is cold today!), and the poll worker handed me a ballot. I carefully marked my choices, making sure I filled in the correct circles for each candidate: Quentin Miller for sheriff, David Wilson Brown for US House of Representatives, and no, no, no, no, no, no on the proposed NC constitutional amendments (among others). I wore my “I Voted Early” sticker proudly and struck up conversations with folks at the grocery and drug store, asking if they had voted or if they needed information about polling places (many were surprised the polls were open on Sunday). I signed up with several organizations to volunteer to drive people to the polls on election day. Wherever you are, please make plans to vote: absentee, early, on election day. Your voice matters!

5 thoughts on “Vote!

      • As soon as our ballots arrive, we can mail them in postage-paid or put them in one of the drop boxes around the city. Why can’t voting be that simple for the rest of our country? Even so, the turnout is frequently disappointing. 😦

      • Wow. Washington state has it down. I wish it were that simple in the rest of the country. I requested an absentee ballot only once here in North Carolina (and will aim not to do so again). I had to have two people watch me complete the ballot, sign on the envelope, provide their addresses, and add postage (.01 more than first class postage) before mailing.

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