It has rained. And rained. And rained. And for the most part*, I love it.

I love:

  • the humidity
  • the plinking sounds of raindrops on my roof
  • the boom of  thunder
  • the occasional bright flash of lightning
  • the solid wind that warmly blows
  • the impending darkness in the early afternoon
  • the greenery, sprouting up everywhere
  • the coziness of being inside, watching weather
  • the brazenness of sitting outside, watching weather

Tonight, we were eating at Hemingway’s, on the roof, under a cover.

When we were seated, the skies were clear.

When we ordered a cocktail, dark clouds appeared on the horizon.

When we ordered ceviche as an appetizer, it began to sprinkle and the temperature dropped by a few degrees.

When our mains of crispy cerdo and arroz con pollo arrived, the skies darkened.

When we talked, the skies boomed.

When we sipped our wine, the heavens opened and massive torrents of rain fell all around us.

We sat and silently watched in reverence.


* I don’t love the flooding. Or the water in the basement. But that’s a small price to pay for the majesty of nature, no?

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