There’s a bookstore here in Asheville, Malaprops, that has a shelf of books wrapped in brown paper. It’s billed as a “Blind Date with a Bookseller.”

Blind Date with a Bookseller.JPG

Each book sports a short list of adjectives on its cover. There’s something thrilling about just knowing enough. I chose these two:


And opened the one on the left to bring with me on my trip. Looking forward to digging in!

West of Sunset.JPG

10 thoughts on “Surprises!

  1. I go to Malaprops whenever I’m in the neighborhood. I once did the blind date thing, and the book I picked… was one I had recently read. So I guess they had my number when writing the descriptions on the wrapping.

    • You know what you like! 🙂 I wondered about that, and at checkout they told me they’d give me a refund if it was a book I’d already read. I waited until I was home to open the wrappers, though, because I wanted the suspense to last a little longer.

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