Movember Time!

Today marks the beginning of November, as well as the beginning of Movember. While at our annual company meetup a month or so ago, several co-workers talked about forming a team. I listened. The premise behind Movember is that on November 1, you shave your face, then throughout the month, you grow only a mustache. You raise money for your efforts, and the money funds men’s health initiatives. I’m very thankful to be supported by so many amazing men in my life, and being/keeping healthy (physically and mentally) is of utmost importance to me. I listened to the conversation around me then said, “I’m in. I’ll do it, too.” I got a few surprised looks and a chuckle or two. I continued, “I’m not a man, but I do have a mustache (a faint one, but it’s there), so I’ll refrain from waxing for the month.” And then there were high fives all around. So, if you’d like to learn more about men’s health, head over here and if you’d like to make a donation, please do so here. Thanks!

Nov 1, freshly waxed

Nov 1, freshly waxed

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