Kayla and Lori’s Ultimate Closet Challenge: Will you join us?

For every day of September, Kayla Cagan and I have challenged each other to wear at least one thing we haven’t worn (old shoes, new jewelry, retired yoga pants, crazy hat etc…) in a while.


A) To remind us that we can never complain that we don’t have a stitch to wear

B) To look at our items in a new way and recognize why we don’t need more


C) to weed out what we actually don’t use or need anymore – and then to DONATE accordingly. If we have wonderful items we’re not using, we’re giving them to a charity like Dress for Success Worldwide – West.

If you join us, the rules are simple:

1) On each day of September, wear a different item – especially the stuff you haven’t worn in months or years. (Purses count. Accessories count.)

2) Photograph yourself in it or the item itself. Post it on your own Facebook, Twitter or blog feeds with a description of why you’re posting the photo! If the item has a particularly great background or funny story, share it with us. Hashtag it #UCC.

3) Donate at least two items to the charity of your choice at the end of the month.

4) HAVE FUN and Spread the word!

Ready to join us? GO!


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