We’re off.

I’m sitting in the Houston airport , waiting for our flight to Quito, from where we’ll continue on to the Galapagos. This will be the last time that I have cell or wifi service for eleven days. After the initial “OMG” and hundreds of “what if” scenarios running through my head, spiraling into more and more unrealistic versions of reality (?), I realized this is exactly what I need. A forced vacation from always being connected.

I think it’s okay to check work email before going to bed at night (I’ll just answer that one email… And then two hours later I’m shutting off my computer…) and then find myself wondering why I wake up from anxiety ridden dreams about something I may or may not have forgotten to do.

I think it’s okay to set aside just an hour on a weekend morning to catch up on loose ends at work, and find myself wondering why I’m so hungry. Oh. It’s 4 in the afternoon.

Basically, I don’t have the self control to not check email or read up in work events (something for another post) if the technology is available to me.

This eleven day break will be good. I’ve downloaded 14 books to read (okay, maybe that’s a little ambitious) and look forward to being in nature, napping, and just hanging out with one of my dearest friends. Offline.

6 thoughts on “Disconnecting

  1. There are worse things than being disconnected from wifi completely ….. like having extremely slow, intermittent wifi. I recently visited Ethiopia where we had the kind of wifi that makes you think, “I’ve got connection”, when you really haven’t got enough to really accomplish anything. Better to have none at all. 🙂

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