Feeling Accomplished

Do you ever have one of those moments when things just seem to fall into place? Tonight has been one of those nights for me.

Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina for a week. I’ll be participating in the Ramblin’ Rose triathlon on Sunday with a roommate from my UNC days. I’ve never participated in a triathlon before and I’m both excited and nervous. I’ve trained when I’ve been in town and viewed my travel time as my “rest weeks” (they just came really early, and perhaps a little often, in the process).

Generally speaking, before I leave on a trip, I’m slightly frantic. Which you wouldn’t think would be the case, because I travel a lot. You’d think I’d have it down by now.

Tonight feels different. My bag is packed, and it’s not even midnight (or 1 am or 2 am, as is normal). Everything fits nicely (with extra room, even!) into my carry on, including my bicycle helmet, running shoes, and swim gear. The house is clean and laundry is done. I made a salad for dinner and used all of the vegetables in the refrigerator (no food to throw away so it won’t spoil while I’m gone – one of the things I hate most about traveling for long periods of time). I completed my absentee voter ballot and mailed it. I’ve made my list of things to work on during the flight tomorrow.

This feels great.

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