From Amsterdam to BART

The BART doors opened, and as I started to enter, I noticed three very tall, stunning, unusually dressed ladies with musical instruments. I edged as close as I could towards them. I was curious 1 – if they were drag queens and 2 – what they were doing. One played the guitar, one the xylophone (such an underrated instrument!) and the third a violin. As the train pulled away from the station, they started playing a folk version of a song that sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite recognize. One man was filming them, another was sound recording them. I watched, intrigued.

At the next station, they stopped playing long enough to hold on to the bar so that they wouldn’t topple over. A man entered the train with a newspaper bundle full of fresh flowers. He walked up to them (was this staged or real life?), asked them where they were from (Amsterdam), and said beautiful ladies from Amsterdam should always be offered flowers. They laughed and he continued on. As the train started again, they played another song.

The next stop was mine, and it was honestly one of the few times that I was sad that my ride was over.

Musicians on BART

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