April Fool’s!

I received the following text from a friend this morning:

“How’s it going? We are long overdue for a catch up. So much big news to share.”

I probed further – what’s the big news? Do tell, do tell!

“Well… I kind got married a few weeks ago. Shotgun style. Crazy, huh?”

I immediately realized that today is April 1, the day of pranks and tomfoolery. I replied with a hearty “hahahahaha – April Fool’s!”

We worked together from 2006 – 2010, and early on in our work tenure, we started playing pranks on each other, not just limited to April 1. Since then, both of us being the competitive people that we are, we’re always trying to one up each other. It’s become more and more difficult, since we don’t work with each other anymore, and don’t see each other as often, but one thing is for sure – we always think of the other on April 1.

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