La Dolce Vita

I still can’t quite believe that in four days (4!) I’ll be on a plane to Italy. For the first time. I’m beyond excited about the possibility of pasta, wine, bike riding, cooking classes, reading and relaxing for two weeks.

Life has been busy lately. Tonight I started looking at accommodations for my trip. When perusing a website for a hotel in Rome that a friend recommended, I received this message in a pop up window:

Booking directly through our website, internet is FREE for all room tipology choosen!!

Upon first reading, I thought it meant tipping is included with internet bookings. After a few more times of reading it, I think it means you get free internet with any type of room. No matter. Viva, Italia!

10 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita

  1. First of all it’s Amazing (with the capital A) that you’ve seen 44 countries. Not to be indiscreet but you don’t look a day over 24 which gives you a MAX of 6 years in which to have seen them (lest you started with your parents). At any rate Kudos to you for experiencing so much of our world. Now that you’re planning your trip I would like to pass on something that might help.
    If it is of interest I found a website that significantly improves your odds of getting ideal exchange rates (both for changing money into the currency needed for travel or for use as expat AND for getting left over money changed back to your home currency). I think it’s amazing. If you’re interested you can read about it on my most recent post. Frankly I think it would be of service to all travelers. Hell, money’s tight and keeping every little bit helps. Cheers

    • I’ve been so hectic with work, I haven’t had much time to think about this until this week. Thanks for all of your awesome recommendations and I look forward to seeing you soon! 🙂

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