Las Vegas, Part One

It didn’t really make sense to take this trip. I’ll be in Las Vegas again in a few days for work. A week later I’ll leave on vacation for a couple of weeks. But sometimes it’s the things that don’t make sense that turn out to be just what you need. A dear friend from college and her husband were planning to be in Las Vegas for a conference. I generally only get to see them once a year, when I return to North Carolina to visit my family over the winter holidays. I’m so glad I went. We had three fun-filled days, lounging by the pool, eating phenomenal dinners, visiting the marvel that is Hoover Dam, and simply hanging out in a way that you can only do with people who have known you 20+ years. I’m returning to San Francisco completely energized (which I usually can’t say after a trip to Vegas) and even more looking forward to my upcoming trips.

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