Dream a Little Dream…

Prague = music.

Everyday here I have been surrounded by music. A chamber concert in a beautifully restored hall, complete with art deco stained glass windows and an intricately painted ceiling. Dixieland jazz, on the river front. Showtunes on the grand piano as I dine, savoring Czech delicacies. And then tonight, an impromptu performance with an accordion player on the sidewalk.

The streets were eerily empty as I walked home from dinner. I heard an accordion playing in the distance. As I walked, the notes grew louder. The musician, along with a friend, appeared, coming round the corner, walking towards me. The first few notes of Dream a Little Dream of Me eked out, the musician half-heartedly singing along. We passed each other as he played the chorus. I joined him in song, “But in your dreams, whatever they be…” We passed, then turned round to face each other, singing, “Dream a little dream of me….”

I’ll miss you, Prague.

3 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream…

    • I didn’t try the Jazz Boat, but I saw a Dixieland jazz show at the Jazz Dock. It was a great place, right on the water and small enough to enjoy an intimate show. I’ll add the Jazz Boat to my list of things to do on my next trip… 🙂

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