A Day at Prague Castle

One highlights of the day included exploring St Vitus Cathedral and marveling at the scale and the intricacy of everything. From the outside, the building is intimidating – huge blocks of carved stone, eerily dark. Once inside, however, there’s an abundance of light. In the stained glass windows, in the vaulted ceilings, in the light reflecting off of the gilded surfaces.

After the cathedral, I wandered around, getting lost in alleys and reading my map incorrectly. I figured it didn’t matter, though, as I was inside a walled area so I couldn’t get too lost, right? I love the cobblestone patterns, as well as the manhole covers. Works of art!

As I was looking to find my way out of the castle compound, I stumbled upon this poster. Robots? Why yes, please. Along with teddy bears, dollhouses, Christmas ornaments, wind-up toys, and a 50th anniversary tribute to Barbie.


7 thoughts on “A Day at Prague Castle

  1. I laughed out loud when I saw your photo of the storm drain cover. I took that same shot. My husband just shook his head and said, “Why on earth are you photographing a drain cover?” I said, “Because it’s really pretty! Ours at home definitely do not look like this.” Love it.

  2. I got to laugh at the manhole shot, it’s like every tourist takes it. I think Prague must have the most photographed drain covers in the world.
    But now you can say you speak a word of Czech: Robot — right out of the dictionary, for, um, Robot. English borrowed the word πŸ™‚

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