• Wake up at 5:30 am. Check.
  • Sign waiver and safety form. Check.
  • Drive to launch site. Check.
  • Watch balloons get blown up with flames and super strong fans. Check.
  • Prepare to climb into basket. Check.

This is where we deviate from the pre-flight checklist. As we were preparing to climb into the basket, walkie talkies were brought to mouths, words were exchanged, and announcements were made. There would  be no flying today. The weather patterns had shifted and conditions were no longer favorable.

I looked at my friend. Really? This wasn’t what we planned. I had won an evening at a Napa Valley spa and hotel coupled with a hot air balloon ride for two at a charity auction last year. We had been looking forward to our day in the sky. Instead, we were grounded.

One thought on “Grounded

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