These Boots are Made for Walking

Jack has been my shoe repair go-to guy for almost 10 years. In my mind, he’s magic. He takes my much-loved, well-worn shoes and makes them new and beautiful again. He has breathed life into my favorite cowboy boots, again and again and again.

I walked in to his shop today, finally remembering to pick up the shoes I dropped off weeks ago. “Ready for your boots?” he asked as I walked in. “Nope, not boots, picking up shoes today.” “Are you sure? You always wear boots.”

I guess I wear them more than I thought.

2 thoughts on “These Boots are Made for Walking

  1. I wear flip flops/sandals in the spring/summer and boots in the fall. 🙂 We have a lovely shoe repair shop in our downtown area and I don’t know what I’m going to do when he decides to close shop. Nothing like it around, that I know of. 😦

    • Isn’t it the best when you find someone you can rely on? Given how chilly it is in San Francisco, I wear my boots all year round. Hadn’t really thought about it until I was packing for a trip to NC and realized I probably didn’t need them in the 90 degree weather. 🙂

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