Local Vacation

We saw an advertisement for “San Francisco: The Game.” I’m such a fan of scavenger hunts – what could be more fun than solving riddles and discovering new facts with good friends? Knowing that this was probably aimed towards tourists, we decided to go for the granddaddy of all tourist locations – the Fisherman’s Wharf scavenger hunt option.

We started the day with breakfast at The Buena Vista Cafe – home of Irish coffee and locale for many movies shot in San Francisco. While sipping our respective beverages, we noticed the woman beside us at the bar arranging two sock monkeys among the condiments. We asked what she was doing. “Just posing my children for a picture.” This was going to be an interesting day.

The scavenger hunt took us to stores on Fisherman’s Wharf, to the historic Hyde Street pier, to wax museums, and to the Wharf Visitor’s Center. However, our absolute favorite stop on the scavenger hunt was the Musee Mechanique, a privately owned collection of antique arcade machines. And it’s free!

We laughed along with Laughing Sal:

Got our palms read:

Arm wrestled with a luche libre:

And created a souvenir penny to remember our day:

A very fun way to spend a Saturday morning in the city!

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