Serendipity – Part 1

I love how serendipity comes along when you’re least expecting it. Many years ago, I met a couple at a friend’s holiday party. For several years we saw each other socially, then the friends that introduced us moved out of the country and we fell out of touch. From time to time, I thought about the couple and how it would be really nice to see them again. I particularly remembered the woman, Jeannette, and how she had such sparkling eyes and a friendly smile.

Last Thursday, as I was preparing to leave for Costa Rica, a co-worker mentioned that one of his former fitness instructors, Jeannette, lived in Costa Rica. It was the same Jeannette with sparkling eyes and a friendly smile! I asked for her email address then sent her an email, wondering if she remembered me, wondering where she lived in Costa Rica, letting her know that I’d be there for surf camp in a few days.

I heard back from her right away. They lived a few kilometers away (though about 45 minutes because of road conditions) from the surf camp I planned to attend. She asked me to call when I arrived and we’d figure out a way to meet up.

I forgot to call her the day I arrived. The next day, during our sunset yoga class on a beachfront open air platform, I reminded myself that I must call her after class so that we could arrange a time to meet (yes, my mind often wanders). As we were finishing yoga class I heard someone call, “Lori!” When you’re in a foreign country, you don’t expect to hear your name called out, because you assume no one knows you. Looking over, there were Jeannette and Jonathan, standing in the grass. I was at once overcome by feelings of surprise, joy, gratitude, and bewilderment (how did they know where I was staying and that I’d be taking yoga???).

After multiple hugs and “It’s so good to see you’s!” we made our way to dinner, excited to catch up on five years of life. Sometimes I really, truly love how life surprises me.

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