Team Chuppah

Rachel is my former co-worker, my slow running buddy, and a dear friend. A few months ago, as we were on a slow run through Golden Gate Park, she mentioned that she was trying to figure out a creative chuppah for her upcoming wedding. As we ran, we brainstormed ideas. What if each guest created a square with their wish for her and her fiance, then they were all assembled, like a quilt? Good idea, but too involved. What if guests shared one word, one wish, for the couple, and those were embroidered on the cloth? Better.

Today was declared “Wedding Errand Day.” We started the day with a trip to Home Depot to purchase PVC pipes to support the chuppah. We found white pipes, but they were covered with writing. We figured a little sandpaper and white spray paint would fix that.

Next came a trip to Joanne’s fabric store for cloth and thread to make “chuppah sleeves,” slender encasements attached to the underside of the chuppah to slip over the PVC piping. This would allow the poles to be on the inside of chuppah.

Once home, we took the piping outside and prepared to spray paint. For those who have never used spray paint, holy cow, it carries. Especially when there’s a slight gust. Warren persevered, however, and poles were painted pristine white.

We carefully cut the fabric and began sewing the sleeves. Over beers. Kind of old-fashioned sewing circle meets modern-day happy hour. We attached the sleeves to the chuppah, a stunning white linen cloth, with words (shared by shower guests) embroidered around the border in a beautiful cursive. As we raised it, we celebrated. Team chuppah FTW!

2 thoughts on “Team Chuppah

  1. Lori,

    We are truly blessed to have you as part of our lives, and cannot thank you enough for all of your help with our wedding, and life in general. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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