I marvel at other people’s collections. I’m fascinated by their ability to choose one point of focus and create a unified collection around it. When I think about starting a collection of something, I change my mind too often. Today I like this, tomorrow that.

My friend Warren has an unimaginable magnet collection. Enough to cover multiple refrigerators. And the amazing thing is, he didn’t buy any of the magnets. The first magnet was a gift to his dad (a doctor) from his secretary (more here). And a tradition was born. After dad retired, he passed along the collection to Warren. Now Warren encourages new additions to the collection. I like adding to someone else’s collection.

Warren recently decided to join in the Post a Day challenge, highlighting one of his thousands of magnets each day at Magnetboard. The blog went live today, with this entry from the Newseum. Until I can decide on what will be in my own collection, I’ll vicariously collect though Warren (and maybe even contribute a magnet or two).

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