Kentucky Derby, Here I Come

I’m fascinated by major events, but not compelled to attend unless there’s a personal connection. I’m intrigued by the common attention on one event and the energy that comes from so many people focused on the same thing. When friends asked me to join them in Barcelona to attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix a couple of years ago, I thought, “How iconic. The Grand Prix. Let’s figure this out.” It’s not something that I would have sought out to attend on my own. However, I went, and had a phenomenal time. Who knew I would enjoy racing so much?

Very dear friends moved to Louisville, Kentucky, recently. About a month ago, he sent out an open invitation for friends to join them in May for the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby? Yes, let’s make this happen. The Kentucky Derby stirs up such romantic images of horse racing, refined gentlemen in seersucker suits, ladies in lovely hats, roses, and mint juleps. Tickets are booked and come May I’ll let you know how the perceptions and the reality converge.

One thought on “Kentucky Derby, Here I Come

  1. Hey Lori: I think you’ll remember me from Daegu but I’m back in Canada now. Good to see you back and blogging again. Like you, I went through about a 1 year hiatus but back at it now.

    I’m so envious of you going to the Derby. Now that I’m on the wrong side of 60 I have a bucket list and this is on it. I’ve been a fan of horse racing since I was a kid and have been to the track a few thousand times but for me, Churchill Downs is the holy grail. If you look at my blog post about the 2009 Derby here, you’ll get an idea of the excitement of the race and how it affects me. Have a great time and I can’t wait to read your impressions after you attend.

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