Things that Make Me Smile

  1. Watching an elderly couple hold hands as they slowly walk down the street
  2. Completing a crossword puzzle
  3. Hearing my niece’s laughter
  4. Strong embraces from dear friends
  5. Playing ball with my nephew
  6. Scoring a bingo in Scrabble
  7. The smell of gingerbread coming out of the oven
  8. Tender blades of grass that peek up through the cracks in the sidewalk
  9. Re-living funny moments with friends
  10. Finishing a run
  11. Wandering through wide, open expanses
  12. Hearing goofy jokes
  13. Dancing, dancing, dancing
  14. Walking into my apartment after a trip
  15. Posting a letter (the old school way, hand-written and in the mailbox)

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