Post Every Day – Let’s Do This!

I was a prolific writer when I lived in Korea, not only posting everyday, but sometimes multiple times a day. Back then, when people asked me if I had a blog, I could truthfully say, “Yes.” I considered myself a writer.

And then I moved back to the US. I still wrote, but not as often. When people asked me if I had a blog, I usually replied, “Yeah, but I don’t write as often as I used to.”

And then I stopped writing. I’m not sure why. It just kind of happened. A week, or a month, or a year would go by and I would realize I had not posted anything. I would think of stories I wanted to share, but never got around to putting them to print. And I realized I missed it. A lot.When people asked me if I had a blog, I tried to change the topic, not wanting to admit I hadn’t written in over a year.

This year, I was offered the opportunity to work at Automattic. I loved the work I was doing at Room to Read. I was also intrigued about the opportunity to join Automattic, working with people who are passionate about making the web a better place, particularly for writers through projects like WordPress. Almost all Automatticians have blogs and I was excited about being around people who are passionate about sharing their ideas.

This week, Automattic launched a campaign to support bloggers to write more. Specifically, once a day, or once a week, or a self-set goal. I’m signing up. Care to join me? Yes? Awesome. Find more details here.

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