Day 1

I wandered throughout the narrow streets of Reykjavik. The residential streets were lined with picture perfect houses in bold colors – deep reds, vibrant blues, evergreen greens. I meandered through the city center, noticing an abundance of restaurants and yarn shops. A fine mist turned into a heavier drizzle. I ducked into a cafe, welcoming the opportunity for a cup of tea and time to read my Icelandic mystery, Jar City. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more relaxing way to start a vacation.

For dinner, I visited The Fish Market, a restaurant recommended to me by a colleague who had recently visited Iceland. I ordered the tasting menu, thinking I would taste small amounts of several culinary delights. Three hours later, more than satiated, I left the restaurant, having consumed:

  • crab legs with a herbed sauce
  • BBQ ribs with salmon salt
  • watermelon and avocado salad
  • sushi
  • grilled salmon over mashed potatoes with a porcini broth
  • pan-fried cod with Israeli couscous
  • slow roasted lamb with crisplings
  • dessert sampler of blueberry cobbler, chocolate cake, ginger souffle, mango sorbet, berry sorbet, and tropical fruits

Not a bad way to start a vacation.

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