The tune was familiar, the words I didn’t recognize. I listened more carefully. Where was it coming from? I walked from our porch onto the beach. There stood a large group of all ages, children to elders, singing “How Great Thou Art” in Spanish. I watched as one member, cloaked in a white robe, waded from the beach into the water, deeper and deeper, until he reached a trio of men, waist deep in the ocean. The one in the middle wore a long sleeved, fancy snap cowboy shirt, cowboy hat shielding him from the noon sun. The other two stood reverently beside him. They received the one from the shore with open arms, then gently plunged him backwards into the sea, submerging him totally. He stood, lifted his arms to the heavens, then returned to the shore. He joined the larger group, his voice melting into the sweet notes, as one by one other members waded to salvation.

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