Netflix Loves Me

It’s been a long time since I’ve been at home for any length of time. A really, really long time.

I decided to have a WIWWIW weekend. What I Want, When I Want. And what I really wanted to do was to clean my apartment. See, that might seem strange. But for someone who more or less hasn’t been home for 8 months, that was exactly what I wanted to do.

As I was cleaning, I discovered two Netflix CDs. I didn’t even realize I had a Netflix subscription. In between cleaning, I watched the movies. And I thought, this is a pretty neat idea. I like this whole movie thing.

I packaged up the movies to send back to Netflix. I thought to myself, I wonder what’s next in my queue? I logged on to Netflix, and to my horror, realized I had had the same two movies since January 2007. JANUARY of 2007. Those were the most expensive movies I had ever, EVER, watched. I calculated the total. Each came to $ 130.08.

And they weren’t even that good.

Netflix totally loves me.

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