International Woman of Mystery

Every morning I order three glasses of hot water, a bowl and a spoon from room service. Every morning, the same sweet boy brings it to my room, looks around, smiles, and leaves.

See, I love oatmeal for breakfast. Love it, love it, love it. So I bring instant oatmeal with me when I travel. I also am not a big caffeine drinker, so I bring herbal tea with me. And I start the day very, very happy.

Tonight I returned from dinner and decided it would be nice to have a cup of tea before bedtime. As I picked up my key, I asked the front desk clerk if I could get two glasses of hot water. He laughed, said yes, then said, “We all question. We do not know. We think, why this smiley woman always order hot water and bowl, but no food? Is she making noodles?”

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