Not a Bad Saturday

I decided to let the day emerge today. I didn’t have any set plans, I was open to anything. What transpired:

  • Giving alms to monks in the morning
  • Breakfast with a woman from Canada and a woman from England who I met on the street
  • Exploring Wat Xieng Thong
  • Being offered a boat ride on the Mekong
  • Exploring temples on the other side of the river
  • Given a friendship bracelet by a little girl at a temple, when I politely declined, she said, “for you, no money” and tied it to my wrist
  • Exploring the “Buddha cave” — descending into utter darkness with a 10 year old as my guide
  • Another boat ride on the Mekong
  • Fresh grilled fish for lunch
  • Meeting fellow Californians at another temple
  • Hour long Laos massage
  • Sunset at Wat Phu Si overlooking Luang Pragang
  • Shopping at the night market
  • A dinner so spicy I cried at the table
  • Reading on my balcony under a cool tropical breeze

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