Lucky Lotus

A Bed for the Night

I arrive into town. I hail a taxi and ask him to take me to the temple area. I get out and begin to walk. I see a cute guesthouse. I enter, greet the desk person with a wide grin and Saibee Dee! and ask for a room. “Sorry, ma’am, we’re all booked for the night.” I thank him and leave, walking a few meters to the next guesthouse.

Repeat above scene 7 times. I’m starting to get a little nervous. I’ve tried everything from $10/night to $150/night establishments. All are full. Oh. Is there really a possibility I won’t find a room for the night? No……..

A kind desk clerk offers to call other guesthouses so I won’t have to keep walking. I smile and thank him. He calls about 10 establishments, all with the same response: All booked. I laugh and tell him thank you for trying. He suggests going down a side street, then turning left. Maybe there will be options there. I’m willing to try anything.

I walk down the deserted side street. I turn. The first guesthouse is full. The clerk has no suggestions about where I should try next. I go next door to the Lotus Villas. I ask if there are any free rooms. Amazingly, he says “yes.” Really? Really? I won’t have to sleep on the steet? He shows me to the room. It’s lovely. It’s clean. It has a proper shower. I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

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