Mosquito zapping tennis racket bat

This invention intrigues me. In principle, I think it shouldn’t. But it does. Each time a staff member pulls it out to use it, I feel a guilty pleasure watching them.

It’s a plastic contraption, a replica of a tennis racket. In the center of the racket is a star. The most brilliant thing is that when you turn it on, and wave it through the air, it zaps mosquitoes. Zap! Zap! Zap! You can hear the crackling throughout the building.

I feel bad for liking it so much. I remind myself that killing is bad. That we should have compassion for all creatures. And yet, it fascinates me. I love watching the staff focus on where the mosquitoes are, then gently wave the electric tennis racket through the air. If it catches a mosquito just right, there’s even a spark. It may be one of the most bizarre inventions I’ve ever seen. I’m captivated.

One thought on “Mosquito zapping tennis racket bat

  1. I bet it would work on flies, too. I wonder if they sell these in the U.S. In a sick sort of way, they sound like they’d be a lot of fun to try out.

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