Water Emergency

I’ve been in transit for more than 30 hours. As soon as I check in and unpack my bags, I make way for the shower. Shower. Depends on your definition, but it could be considered such. There is a water source. And a hose attached, with a nozzle. It’ll work.

I turn on what I think is the hot water. Cold water sprays from the nozzle. I turn the other knob. More cold water. I try every combination of the two knobs, still getting cold water. Cold water it is. I hop in the tub and straighten the hose. Hm. The hose reaches to my belly button. I’m tall, but I’m not that tall. So I squat, shivering, trying to rinse 30 hours of travel from my body. I wash my hair and soap up, braving one more frigid rinse. I turn the knobs to turn off the water. Nothing happens. That’s odd. I try again. Still nothing, the chilled water is spraying at me with full force. I feel waves of anxiety creeping up behind me. No. I can do this. I turned the water on, I can turn it off.

Except I can’t. After turning each knob as far left, and as far right as I can, the water is still spraying. Oh, geez. I quickly towel off, throw on clothes, and call the front desk. Did I mention the lack of English skills among the staff? What is the simplest way to convey my situation? The desk clerk answers. “Shower. Water not stop. Lots of water. Help!” He is in my room in seconds. He goes to the shower, turns, turns, turns each knob, and the water slowly stops spraying out. I stand there, feeling like an idiot. “You turn both all way off. Okay?” I thank him, feeling quite incompetent.

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