In Preparation

I actually packed before the last minute for this trip. Sort of.

I found my passport. Found my WHO card. Packed my clothes. Packed a swim suit, packed appropriate shoes. All days before this trip. I was so proud of myself.

And then. This morning. Throwing toiletries in my suitcase. And all the things I forgot to pack a few days ago. A yoga cd. A lightweight rain jacket. A couple of books to read. A hairbrush. Insect repellent. Emergen-C. It seemed each time I turned around in my apartment, I saw something and thought, “Oh, yeah, I should take that also…” Which lead to the chaos. Of a second suitcase. Throwing items in, realizing I needed to leave for the airport RIGHT NOW. Rushing into the kitchen and quickly checking the refrigerator for anything that might spoil in the month that I’ll be in Asia.

And leaving in a rush. I hate leaving in a rush, yet it seems that’s always what I’m doing. The sad thing is, I’ve become good at it.

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