Breakfast of Champions

I call room service and order breakfast – toast with butter, orange juice, and hot water (I’ve brought my own tea bags from home). The waiter arrives with a tray which contains Corn Flakes, hot milk, mango juice, and black tea.

“I don’t think this is my order,” I say.

“Oh, yes. Bread was moldy, so brought Corn Flakes. Orange juice expired, mango juice better for you.” He sets the order down on the wobbly linoleum tabletop.

Hm. I’m grateful he’s looking out for my health, but a bit suspect of the food in front of me. I thank him and eat hesitantly.

Later in the day my colleague is not feeling well. He tells me he needs to return to his room to lie down, he thinks he may have food poisoning. “What have you eaten that could give you food poisoning?” I ask. “I’m not sure, but my breakfast tasted a little off. I thought I was safe ordering toast and orange juice….”

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