At lunch, we, three adult women, are discussing our past, our insecure periods.

She, the African, says: In high school, I was so skinny, I ate, and ate, and ate. I just wanted an ass. I wanted calves. I wanted to be popular like the chubby girls.

We, the Americans, say: We always thought we were so fat. We dieted, and refused to eat, and exercised. And look back on the pictures now and realize how skinny we were. And never knew.

She, the African, says: But have you always been so skinny?

Me, the American, laughs: By American standards, I’m considered heavy. Maybe if I lost 10 – 15 kg, I would be considered skinny.

She, the African, in utter surprise: What? No… You are not heavy. You need meat on your bones. African men, they do not like the bones. You need to be solid.

We, the Americans, look at each other and smile. Oh, to be African…

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