Just Say It

Over dinner:

C: I’m sad you never saw our second apartment in Panama.

Me: I did see it. You took me there.

T: You’re thinking of your mother. You didn’t take her to see it.

Me: I saw it. Remember, you took me there. Remember?

C: (blank look on his face)

Me: Remember, it was in the afternoon. You took me there. We went there, you showed me around, then it was rented out the following week.

C: (still blank look)

Me: Don’t you remember? We were there together, remember?

T: Jeez! The correct answer is “yes!” It doesn’t matter if you actually remember or not. Just say “yes.” There are certain answers you just say, whether or not they’re true or not.
Do these jeans make me look fat? No.
Are you sure? Yes.
Do you remember? Yes.
It’s that simple!

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