One Is Not Enough

While checking out at Safeway, I noticed a new sign by the cash register urging customers to request “just one bag” because of new, stronger, extra special plastic bag technology. I didn’t request “just one bag” because I was too busy unloading my gigantic cart of groceries. The bagger, however, decided I only needed “just one bag” and single bagged all but a couple of the dozens of bags of groceries I had purchased.

I wheeled the cart full of plastic bagged groceries to the car. As I lifted the first bag into the trunk, the bag split and my cucumbers and tomatoes spilled out. I caught them before they hit the asphalt and gently placed them where they wouldn’t get squished. I lifted the next bag more gingerly, and as I lowered it into the trunk, the pistachios tumbled out. As I loaded bag after bag of groceries, all but three split.

The only bag the bagger had double bagged was the one with four bottles of wine and two of tonic water. Who puts six big bottles of liquid in one bag? Either the bagger was new to the job, or he was truly testing out the new plastic bag technology. Either way, he wasn’t doing a good job.

Part of me wanted to march back into Safeway, point at the sign, and scream, “Is this a joke?” Part of me wanted to simply ask for more bags in order to gather up my rogue groceries.

I did neither. Instead, I got in the car, drove home, and made many trips from the car to the house, hand carrying bagless groceries.

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