Oh, Oprah!

I love Oprah. I’ve never seen the television show, but I’ve read her magazine faithfully since its inception. It’s brilliant. It has everything — book reviews, health articles, money management tips relationship advice, fashion, interviews with interesting people — what more could you ask for, for only $3.95 a month ($2.17 if you’re a subscriber)?

Tomorrow I’ll watch the show for the first time. The founder of the organization where I work, Room to Read, is being interviewed on Oprah. The office has been abuzz with excitement the past few weeks. Her producers have warned us our website will crash. Every organization who has ever been linked to her website has. Being the person who oversees IT, I responded somewhat frantically. “Okay, we’ll go from a shared server to a dedicated server. No, to two dedicated servers. No, make that…. EIGHT dedicated servers.” I’m not sure why eight seemed like the appropriate number, but that’s what we now have. I figure we’re now in a win-win situation. If our website doesn’t crash, well, that’s a good thing. We can be the first organization that weathered the media storm of Oprah. And if it does, well, that’s a good thing, too. That will have meant website traffic increased by about 40-fold. Bring it, Oprah, bring it.

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