First Impressions

We landed to the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen. The light here is magical, bathing everything in a pure goldness. I exited the place and stood on the tarmac, watching the sun drench the airplanes, the runway, the grassy fields nearby.

Zacharia, a taxi driver arranged by my South African colleagues, met me outside of customs. He had such an easy going manner, we began talking right away: my flight, South Africa, San Francisco, sports, families. The 90 minute drive to Pretoria flew by.

The afternoon was spent catching up on email, meeting with colleagues and unpacking. We walked across the street to an outdoor café. As we ordered, flashes of lighting lit the hot, humid sky. I breathed in deeply. The minerally smell was overwhelming. Heavy drops began falling, one by one, faster and faster. I closed my eyes. I like it here already.

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