Last Minute Panic

This always happens. Always. And each time, I try to prepare for it, but somehow I outsmart myself.

I’m packing for an international trip (last minute) and I make a mental note to put my passport in my purse. I go to look for my passport. I can’t find my passport. I panic.

Last time (pre-Argentina) it was filed under “I” in my filing cabinet. For “ID.” Remembering that, I looked under “I.” It wasn’t there. How about “P” for passport? Nope. I looked in the top drawer of my desk, where I once thought, “That would be a good spot for my passport.” Not there. Or in any other drawers in my house. Or under my bed. Or in the medicine cabinet.

After 45 minutes of panic, I found it. It was with my Argentina souvenirs. I guess I thought if I remembered the last place I went, I would never forget where my passport was. I need a new strategy.

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