Twins Separated At Birth?

He approached me earnestly as I stood in line at Pearl’s, waiting to see Giacomo Gates, billed as the vocalese of beebop.


I smiled. Now there’s a name you don’t hear very often. Rosalinda. I could be what I picture a Rosalinda to be. I have long dark hair and deep brown eyes.

Considering I was with my parents on their last night in town, I decided not to assume another identity. “No,” I said.

“Oh,” he stumbled. “You look like her.”

“No worries,” I offered. And with that he returned to his spot in line a few places in front of us.

Minutes later Rosalinda arrived. This obviously was either a first or blind date. Rosalinda was about 8 inches shorter than me, blue eyes, and long blond hair. But to his credit, we both were female.

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