The Most Thoughtful Thief

So Bryan and Maggie have lent me their car while they are places not here. And it has been exciting. It has been liberating. It has been the epitome of freedom – go whenever, wherever. And this morning, it was sad. As soon as I began to unlock the door, I sensed something was wrong. What was it? All appeared to be the same. Except. Except. One minor detail. There on the driver’s seat was a sticker that read “rear.” Rear? Rear of what? I was soon to learn it was the rear of the car stereo that had been liberated from the lovely red Jeep it had called home.

Truthfully, the only way I knew the car had been broken into was that there was no stereo where there once had been. The inside was very clean. Papers had been rifled through, then put back in place. No windows had been broken to enter the car. The stereo was taken out in a very considerate manner. No wires were ripped, no dashboard defaced. And they even locked the doors after they stole the stereo.

Hardened criminal meets Miss Manners. A match made in heaven.

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