Point Reyes

Thanks to Bryan and Maggie, I had a car this weekend. Having not had a car for several years, it took a moment for me to realize the magnitude of this. I could go anywhere I wanted. By myself. I wasn’t bound by public transportation or the generosity of friends.

I immediately searched the internet for Bay Area trails I had yet to explore. After reading several descriptions on Bay Area Hiker, I chose the Estero Trailhead because this sentence was included in the description “Estero is one of the loneliest trailheads at Point Reyes.” A day, by myself, in the wilderness? Heaven.

Mine was the only car in the parking lot at the trailhead. Yes, it was 8:30 on a Saturday morning, but still. Eager with anticipation, I ventured onto the trail. The first bit was gentle, an easily sloped grassy trail, narrowly winding this way and that. I walked along, relishing the quietness of the morning, basking in the chill of the fog. Lizards scurried on the trail in front of me, their sudden movements first startling me, then not. Birds hopped out from bushes. A small bunny ran across the path in front of me, unsure of the safest route. Pine tree boughs laden with opening cones lurked towards the ground. Tantalizingly beautiful purple thistles pricked my legs as I drew near.

I came to the first estuary. As I crossed the bridge, I was mesmerized by the swirl of fresh water meeting salt, whisking round and round.

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